Some of the more notable projects that New Century Sawmill Solutions were involved in were:


Black Empowerment investment project in the Eastern Cape in 2003/2004. The

project consisted of a 350,000m³ intake sawmill 76,000 hectares Forestry and Land Redistribution deal. The project had the approval of the Department of Lands, Mondi, Rand Merchant Bank and Hans Merensky. It would have been the largest land redistribution deal in the country, but the whole project was blocked by outside forces.


In 2004, NCSS was contracted by AIG South Africa to conduct a Due Diligence on the Global Forest Products Sawmills, for the verification of a decision by AIG for a R500m investment in GFP’s sawmills. Our final report was sent by AIG to the consulting group RE Taylor & Associates in Vancouver, Canada for verification, who concurred with basically all our findings.


From time to time, we are contracted to do similar studies and reports by organisations such as the Industrial Development Corporation, Rand Merchant Bank, Bracken Timber, SAFCOL (Komatiland Forest Products), Louis Heyl & Associates, as well as Border Timber and the Wattle Company in Zimbabwe. Jaakko Pöyry from Melbourne, Australia also asked us for assistance with similar projects in South America.


In October 2007, we were contracted by Rand Merchant Bank to do a due diligence study in a Chip Installation Plant being built for a Canadian Company MAC Industries at Point Noire, Brazzaville Congo. The purpose of the study was to establish the viability of an RMB financial investment, as well as to establish the engineering and operational risks, build quality and other risks.


In June 2008, we were contracted by SAPPI to quote on a Greenfield sawmill in Swaziland for a possible 440,000m³ intake sawmill. Sappi commented on  our proposal as follows:


o We were the only company to table a complete proposal.

o Our proposal came in line with their own budget calculations.

o They commended us for our ability to deliver higher recoveries and return on



In 2013, New Century, lead a full bankable feasibility study (BFS) for a new Greenfield Sawmill plant in Mpumalanga, with a proposed intake of 250 000m³ per annum. The design included a self-sufficient Biomass Energy Power Station as well as a wood waste extrusion plant, ensuring 0% waste of the whole production. Our proposal was submitted to an international finance and investment group, who had it scrutinised by top European and other international timber industry experts. None of whom could find any fault or risks with the design, production and 10 Year business plan. Confirming it as a sound and viable strategic investment opportunity.


We arrange regular educational tours to Europe to visit timber exhibitions and some of our suppliers, where clients can get a first-hand feel of the new technology we advocate and sell.


New Century understands saw milling in South Africa and abroad. We have the necessary technology supplier package from over the whole world to give us the best possible solutions for our clients. We have benchmarks for cost of conversions in the Southern Hemisphere, and the best technology to bring SA Sawmills in line or better than producers in the most cost effective market (Chile)

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