Strategic advantages NCSS brings to the Timber Industry


Mr H Du Plessis was trained and mentored by the late Mr JDM Keet (also called the pioneer of Eucalyptus) in the art of growing and processing of Eucalyptus timber. In the mid 1980's Mr. H du Plessis in conjunction with Prof H Vermaas and Hannes Winter, then at HM's Sabie mill developed full scale dry kilns for Eucalyptus that could for the first time ever, dry eucalyptus like Pine softwood, direct from the saw. It was a huge success increasing recovery in the drying process by up to 40% from previous Air Drying methods.


For more than 30 years, Henri du Plessis of New Century Sawmill Solutions worked, developing knowledge for the complete processing from the tree in field to final product behind the sawmill.


These experiences are invaluable where we have worked to assist in the building of at least 3 major Greenfield Sawmills and the extensive upgrading of 4 more sawmills. We understand all aspect from nurseries preparations, planting of plantation harvesting by mules, Skidders, Forwarders and Skylines as well as transport to and from the mills. Over time we have made development proposals and capital costing and financial outcomes to more than 25 sawmills, 2 pellet plants, 3 enormous   chipping plants for export facilities in Beira, Maputo and Point Noir of Brazzaville Congo. Also, many proposals were done over the years for parts of sawmills.


NCSS was also the developers of the use of PUR Glues in South Africa and was involved in getting these widely used PUR Timber glues approved by the SABS for South Africa. NCSS pioneered this process locally and did very many field trials to do the testing and adjudication of the results for SABS approval, together with Industrial Urethanes and Permaseal at the time.


New Century Sawmill Solutions is the only supplier of Sawmill Technologies who have in depth practical sawmill and timber processing experience, as well as the supply side, it also has a deep  understanding of the local as well as foreign markets against which South Africa have to compete.


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